Employee Relations Technology Platform- Buyer's Checklist

HR Acuity wants to help you find the right technology solution to effectively manage your employee relations!

Keeping up in today’s changing HR and employee relations environment is, putting it simply, a challenge. We are surrounded by change and it can be overwhelming to evaluate all of the tools available to manage our day to day responsibilities.

We created this buyer’s checklist to give you the confidence to make more informed decisions that can help you ensure compliance, protect your brand and your employees, build the culture you want and achieve greater organizational effectiveness.

Leverage this checklist to help evaluate the right software for your organization's needs and the right features & functionality including:

✔️ Conducting Interviews

✔️ Guided Employee Relations Workflows

✔️ Accessing Analytics & Insights

✔️ Permissioning, Security & Confidentiality

✔️ Integrating with Other Solutions

✔️ User adoption/ Support

If we can be a strategic partner for you to help think through your decision process let us know!  We’re all in on employee relations, and we’re here to help you along the way.

Download the Buyer's Checklist today!