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25 Pro Tips to Get You to the Corner Office (Part 4)

May 20, 2014
HR Acuity


Your corner office has arrived! Haven’t made it yet? Well, you’re just in time to wrap up our pro tip series with Part 4. In case you missed the first 75 tips, check them out here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

  1. Every week, consider what you have done lately to make your boss’s job easier. If you can’t think of something, find something and do it. (Tweet this!)
  2. Every quarter, consider what you have done over the past three months that made your company better. If you can’t think of anything, reassess your objectives so that what you are doing makes a difference.
  3. Pay attention to detail. As we get comfortable with our roles, we tend to get lackadaisical with the small stuff – that’s when mistakes happen.
  4. When you make a mistake, take responsibility for it and go out of your way to make it right. The remedy is what will be remembered.
  5. Don’t let someone get your goat. It is absolutely fruitless to argue with a jerk. Just grit your teeth, smile and act cheerful and stupid.
  6. When someone performs a task for you, say thank you. (Tweet this!)
  7. Never make a speech or a presentation unprepared.
  8. Be consistent in work quality. Think of it as putting your “stamp” on a project. (Tweet this!)
  9. Find other people in your company or circle that have specialized skills and ask them about what they do. Apply that knowledge to your daily tasks.
  10. Whether it’s on your phone or in a little black book, keep contact information from every person you meet.
  11. If a project isn’t going well, let leadership know as soon as possible and try to come up with a solution together. This gives your boss time to help with an alternate plan.
  12. Always have a flash drive handy (yes, this is still relevant).
  13. Find yourself distracted at work? Try putting email aside and working through a dedicated block of time (just make sure your colleagues know you’re in ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.)
  14. Workplaces sizes vary but in general, you should make friends with someone in Marketing, IT, HR and Finance, no matter your role.
  15. Don’t be the one who pushes back on. every. single. new. project. If you think of your job as a repeatable process of 10 steps, you will quickly be replaced. (Tweet This!)
  16. Keep your eyes on your work, not the clock. If you view 5 pm as a great time to snap your computer closed and race out the door, everyone will notice. Including your boss.
  17. A positive attitude will spread to those around you. So will a negative one. Shoot for the former.
  18. Be a helper! Everyone notices someone who is always willing to pitch in.
  19. Don’t take feedback personally. You will be criticized during your career. Learn from these talks rather than run from them.
  20. Arrive on time to meetings and pay attention to what is being said and agreed to. (Tweet this!)
  21. Don’t sigh, burp, cuss, spit or blow your nose loudly at your desk.
  22. No one wants to see your feet.
  23. If you promise something by a deadline, make sure it is completed. No excuses.
  24. Only call in sick when you are actually sick, not emotional, tired or hungover.
  25. Leave your drama at home. We’re here to work. (Tweet this!)

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