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HR Acuity Team Member Profile: Pradipta Ghosh, Lead Developer

May 30, 2019
HR Acuity


Meet the team that works hard to help you protect your reputation and build a better workplace with HR Acuity. Today, meet Pradipta Ghosh, driving enhancements for you!


Lead Developer Pradipta Ghosh remembers his first day in HR Acuity’s New Jersey office like it was yesterday. It was September 2017, and he had just moved from India, where he’d already been working on development for the HR Acuity product for four years. The company offered him a chance to lead technology projects in the U.S., and he jumped at the opportunity. He had never been to the U.S. before, but he found a warm welcome at HR Acuity.

“I came here to find my desk all decorated and people who were already friends waiting for me,” recalls Pradipta. Team members helped him with all the basics, like learning to drive in New Jersey (quite a feat) and even hosting him for Thanksgiving dinner. “It was like coming home,” he says.

Meeting Customer Needs

Pradipta was the first IT member to join the growing HR Acuity team – now he’s one of several here, including CTO Vikas Gupta, and part of a large extended crew that’s still run in India.

His role then, as now, was to build out the HR Acuity product to meet customer needs and requirements – and it’s a role he truly loves. He manages the development from the back-end and implements client-facing functionality, which keeps him learning and challenged.

“Most places you will get stagnant,” says Pradipta. “Here, it is always a new thing. Very exciting, changing, and challenging. We work on all the aspects of the technology and the product for our clients.”

Building for Growth

And when Pradipta says all, he means all!

Since joining HR Acuity in 2013, he has worked on and led a wide variety of technical programs. They include a complete user interface overhaul, shepherding the move to the modern cloud Azure, and playing an integral role in information security, including the company’s recent SOC2 certification.

“Security and growth are so important today,” says Pradipta. “It is not something clients will see, but they will feel it. We keep on planning for driving their growth.”

Growth is something Pradipta has seen much of over his six years at HR Acuity. When he started, he was one of just six employees and one of two developers, and the team was bringing on customers slowly, most of whom were smaller organizations.

Big Enterprises, Big Expectations

Today’s organization is more than five times larger, and HR Acuity is onboarding enterprise customers all the time – a challenge for development, but one that Pradipta relishes. He remembers the first enterprise customer who came on, which changed the game.

“Big enterprises have big expectations,” he says. “Security, encryption, volume. They had more than 70,000 cases. Once we worked with them, we were able to work with anyone.”

Pradipta partners closely with the client success team, headed up by VP of Client Success Mimi Larkin, to ensure the customer’s voice is reflected in all he does. Product enhancements make up the bulk of his work, which he finds exciting: “There is always something to deploy!” Recently, he has worked on industry benchmarking, roles-based user access, and a new manager access portal.

The Music of Home

Before coming to HR Acuity, Pradipta worked as a developer in Mumbai after graduating with a Masters and Bachelors in IT. He grew up near Calcutta, in what he calls a “musical family.” His sister is a classically-trained singer, and his entire family appreciates the beauty of song.

Outside of work, Pradipta can usually be found at home with his son and wife, watching movies and, of course, listening to classical music.

But he also truly enjoys being at work. “HR Acuity has been very welcoming. It is a big thing for me and my family,” he says. “People listen to everybody, regardless of experience. It is fun and I learn so many things.”

On behalf of the entire HR Acuity team and our clients, thank you, Pradipta, for all that you do to keep the product up-to-date and our clients secure! We may not see all you do – but we feel it, and it is most welcome.

Check out Pradipta’s work — schedule a demo to see what he’s been up to today!


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