Employee Relations Simplified.
The only employee relations technology designed to help people leaders get employee relations right - every time.
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Confident People Leaders. Proactive Responses.

Empower your people leaders with easy access to company policies, coaching for tough conversations, and the step by step process they need to respond and document issues quickly, consistently, and fairly.

Give your people leaders:

  • Accessible workflows for easy, accurate documentation
  • Real-time training and guidance on common issues
  • Up-to-date employee data
  • Simplified process to get assistance from your HR or ER partners

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Built to work the way your managers do.

  • Fast: managER makes it simple for managers to access policies and accurately document employee issues with an intuitive, consumer grade interface.
  • Smart: managER embeds expert HR guidance within pre-approved workflows to help people leaders maintain fairness and consistency without the need for constant training.
  • Confident: managER gives people leaders the confidence to handle issues on their own while making it easy to see when it’s time to ask for help.

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Case Study

Read how a leading fitness brand transformed their employee relations with managER.


Imagine the most common employee issues managers face - Documented. Tracked. Fair & Consistent.

With managER, it happens like clockwork:
Behavioral issues (insubordination, misconduct, etc.)

Performance concerns


Policy violations

Attendance issues

Employee-reported concerns


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Even more powerful together.

Built to stand on its own, managER extends the power of HR Acuity.

  • Configurable– Set access permissions, customize templates and HR policies, ensuring confidentiality, consistency and compliance
  • Connected – Synchs with your HR Acuity platform for a single view of employee issues across your organization so you can analyze and foresee trends and patterns
  • Collaborative – Enable your people leaders to lead better with tools that make their jobs easier while you jointly solve employee issues

See how HR Acuity's platform is more than just a case management solution:

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