Expert Webinar: The Great Resignation and The Future of Work

Wednesday, March 2 • 11 am - 12 pm ET. 

Employees are leaving the workforce in record numbers. They are burned out and exhausted after working long hours during the peak of the pandemic. We’ve all been impacted by “The Great Resignation.”  

HR Acuity's VP of Talent and Employee Relations Strategy, Rebecca Trotsky, will be joined by Spring Health's VP of People, Libby Erensen, and Verdant Consulting's CEO/Founder, Allessandria Polizzi, for a lively discussion on "The Great Resignation" and why is it happening now and employee burnout. Their discussion will also touch on: 

  • How mental health impacts "The Great Resignation" 
  • Ideas for looking after employees to proactively manage the employee experience
  • How to look after your team when "self-care" isn't enough
  • Tips for ER professionals to look out for themselves and prevent burnout 

Watch on-demand. 

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