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Employee Experience Survey Findings

Sep 27, 2021
HR Acuity
Employee Experience Survey 2019

Get the Employee Perspective.

What do employees do when things go wrong at work?


We surveyed more than 1,300 workers across a variety of companies, industries, age groups and tenures to gain insight into how employees handle inappropriate, illegal, and unethical workplace behavior. Review the findings and learn about the employee experience when things go wrong at work and its impact on organizations.

Here’s a sneak peek at the results:

Eighty-five percent (85%) of employees know how and where to report issues, but many lack confidence their issues will be addressed fairly and are afraid of retaliation.
When reporting concerns, 67% go to their managers, while only 37% seek out HR. and only 6% report via hotlines.

Gender plays a role. Men and women experience illegal or unethical behavior almost equally – but issues raised by men are 26% more likely to be investigated.

Employee issues – and how they are handled play a significant role in decisions to stay or leave the organization.

Read the report for an in-depth look at the data and discover how organizations can improve culture, build trust, reduce risk and enhance the employee experience.

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