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The 2016 HR Acuity Employee Relations Benchmark Study: Executive Summary

Sep 27, 2016
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See how organizations like yours are handling employee relations issues. This groundbreaking study explores the processes, management models, technology, and strategies that can help strengthen your employee relations strategies.

Identify ways to efficiently manage your HR resources, develop meaningful analytics, and protect your organization from costly litigation.

Did you know …
HR professionals are feeling the burden of rising caseloads — 40 percent of respondents report managing 11 to 25 at any given time
Organizations with over 1,000 employees will see over 200 performance- and behavior-related cases per year
Centralized employee relations models use 25 percent less HR staff
For every 1,000 employees, organizations can expect to receive 4.44 allegations of discrimination or harassment
88 percent of organizations are using some mechanism to track employee relations matters

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