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HR Acuity Employee Spotlight: Brian Boisier

Aug 31, 2021
HR Acuity

“When you combine “fast-growing company” with “great place to work” and add in “the product has real potential to make the corporate world a better place,” it was a no-brainer,” says Brain Boisier, when we asked what piqued his interest in joining HR Acuity.

For this month’s Employee Spotlight, we are highlighting Brian, Digital Marketing Manager at HR Acuity. Brian manages our marketing operations, CRM, website and digital advertising. This position has been his first real venture in B2B technology, but he says, “now feels like I’ve been doing this my entire career.”

Brian joined HR Acuity in March of 2020 – a day prior to the entire country shutting down due to Covid-19. The HR Acuity Team began “temporarily” working from home, making Brian our first of many remotely onboarded employees. Although Brian has only met a few team members in-person, he says the camaraderie and shared passion amongst everyone here (which even translates over Zoom) is what he enjoys most about working for HR Acuity.

Brian partners closely with our Sales and Customer Success team to capture leads and to make sure our website has the information our customers and prospects are looking for. He is most proud of the presence HR Acuity has been able to establish on LinkedIn so Employee Relations professionals can easily learn about our technology and community.

In his free time, Brian enjoys watching football and futbol on his new an 85-inch TV – perfect for the start of the season. He also enjoys swiffering up after his 16-month-old son Michael.


A fun fact about Brian is that he had the opportunity to be in a McDonald’s commercial as a kid, but he couldn’t lie. “They told me to say, ‘I love Big Macs’. But I didn’t love Big Macs, so I didn’t get the job.”

Brian brings a great attitude, sense of humor and commitment to the HR Acuity Team. We are excited to watch him grow in his role and expand HR Acuity’s digital presence.

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