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5 Powerful Signs of a Positive Corporate Culture

Mar 10, 2022
HR Acuity

You’ve seen job postings that gush about an amazing corporate culture. Or perhaps you’ve been in an interview where the hiring manager is selling you on the company culture.  Or maybe you’ve been on the other side where a candidate is telling you what workplace culture means to them.

Whatever the scenario, the term ‘company culture’ is thrown around a lot these days. While some use it interchangeably with corporate perks such as free lunches, casual dress codes or ping pong tables in the break room, great culture should not be confused with perks. In reality, the foundation for positive company culture comes from the values, goals, practices and attitudes that make up an organization.

So, how does your organization stack up? Here are a few ways to tell if you’re cultivating a positive company culture:

1. People want to work for you

Good news travels fast! You know you have a positive company culture when there’s a long list of applicants waiting to be part of the company.

2. Low employee turnover

When people love where they work, they are less likely to leave. If your employee roster has stayed relatively consistent (with growth, of course!), you know you’re doing something right. While it’s always important to offer competitive wages and benefits, having a healthy company culture is often enough for employees to stick around for the long haul.

3. Minimal office politics

It’s human nature to gripe or gossip about work – but if your organization exudes a positive company culture, this definitely isn’t the norm. At any level or position, gossip is shut down and open communication is encouraged. When employees understand that they can be transparent with their peers, the intentions of gossip, favoritism and politics does not occur.

4. Employees speak up

Part of having a great company culture is empowering employees to speak up and be heard. If employees are not speaking up, it’s because they believe their work environment is not conducive for it – AKA, a major culture flaw. Organizations that encourage transparency and communication, however, often see improvements in other areas such as productivity and engagement. Give them a safe and private space to air concerns with Speakfully!

5. It’s more than “just a job”

It’s no secret that we all work to earn a living. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy what we do or the people we work with. A telltale sign of positive corporate culture is the “work hard, play hard” mentality. When employees are at work, they are focused and eager to complete the task at hand. But throughout the day they will have positive interactions with peers and linger around at the end of the day as opposed to sprinting out the door.

Bottom Line

Employees care about company culture – and it’s often a big factor when considering a career move or job offer. In fact, 69% of job-seekers say they would reject a job offer if they found out the company’s employees were unhappy. That’s why it is worth the investment for companies to build and nourish their culture. Whether you’ve already built a positive corporate culture or need some help, use a platform that allows your team to communicate openly, honestly and safely.

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