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HR Acuity Team Member Profile: Lisa House, Senior Product Specialist & Black Belt in Customer Success

Mar 21, 2019
HR Acuity

We’re excited to launch our new series of team member profiles. Meet the team that works hard to help you protect your team and your organization with HR Acuity.

You may not have seen Lisa House’s face before, but if you’re an HR Acuity client, chances are you’ve heard her voice. As Senior Product Specialist, Lisa works regularly with customers to understand their needs and requirements to drive new product development – and she’s also the narrator behind many of the videos you see in the Support Center.

Behind that even voice is a lively, curious mind – and a black belt in Taekwondo, the Korean martial art. In fact, it’s at the Taekwondo studio where Lisa’s history with HR Acuity began more than a decade ago.

Kicking off a New Partnership

One of Lisa’s fellow self-defense partners was Deb Muller, an HR executive and workplace investigator who had just recently started a business called (can you guess?) HR Acuity. Lisa and Deb hit it off beyond kicking and sparring and stayed in touch outside the gym, having lunch every few months.

“Deb kept saying ‘Someday you’re going to work with me — I just have to find the right place for you!’” Lisa recalls. “It was the longest job interview in history!”

That day arrived in 2012. HR Acuity’s employee relations technology business was starting to grow, and CEO Deb needed a right-hand person. Lisa joined as Employee #3, ready to expand the company’s mission by handling customer service, product development and almost anything else Deb could throw her way.

Early Days at HR Acuity

Lisa recalls those early days with fondness. She had come back to the workforce after time off to raise her three children, and working directly with the CEO to build a business was a fantastic opportunity for a natural puzzle-solver. She had already worked in process flow design and customer service for one of the world’s best-known luxury retailers, so it was also a chance to build on her experience while expanding her industry knowledge.

“It was so much fun,” Lisa says. “I got to sit next to Deb, ask her a thousand questions, learn all about the technology, put the pieces together.”

Building a Great Customer Experience

Seven years later, the company is more than ten times bigger, and Lisa is still handling dozens of questions that get thrown her way daily. She works directly with clients on everything from building detailed reporting and analytics requirements to her favorite aspect of the role — collaborating with customers and the IT team to design and create new features.

Her role is a great fit for her personality. Her co-workers call her easygoing and friendly – she’s also highly organized and analytical. “My family would say I am very logical – I can pack like nobody’s business,” she jokes. “I like nothing more than a good problem. I like knowing why? Why does it do that? How do the pieces fit together? I love to figure out what is going on.”

Collaboration and Change

Lisa has seen a lot of change in her years at HR Acuity, yet she remarks that just like the old saying, “the more it changes, the more it stays the same.”

“I keep screen shots and I can see the system has developed over time to be so much more user friendly,” she says.

But, she says, the essence of the company has not changed. “Even as the company gets bigger with different areas and people, everyone who is brought in has the same type of personality: heads down, work it out, collaborative. I keep learning.”

“Nothing is Better”

Outside of work, Lisa is a New Jersey native (well, she is one at work, too) who loves gardening, baking and baseball. In her own words: “Nothing is better than spreading mulch while listening to the Yankees!”

One other thing that Lisa likes: HR Acuity.

“I truly love coming to work every day. It’s definitely a mindset that Deb sets for us. It’s wonderful working for a company where your ideas are valued. You can walk into the office and have your idea heard. We truly live by the motto ‘Work hard and be nice to people.’ I get excited to come to work. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Thanks for all you do for HR Acuity, Lisa! We wish you a long summer of mulch, extra innings and baking – and maybe even some golden point Taekwondo rounds.

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