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Case Study

Akamai Finds HR Acuity’s Purpose-Built Employee Relations Software is Light Years Ahead of Traditional Ticketing Systems

Reporting & Analytics

Key data reveals reasons for attrition and turnover, empowering the team with insights.

Fine-Tuned Documentation

Templates are leveraged to provide airtight documentation.

Seamless Work

HR Acuity helps ensure consistent management principles are applied to both remote and in-office workers.

The Challenge

Before joining Akamai, Stephanie Miller had experience using ServiceNow as an ER leader in several companies. Yet according to Stephanie, ServiceNow fell short of HR Acuity’s capabilities simply because it was purpose-built as a ticketing system. She explained that it didn’t have the nuanced configurations she wanted to achieve tight documentation. When it came to ER documentation, her team was left with concerns about privacy issues and sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Stephanie went on to say that “on a good day, ServiceNow only gives you about 50% of what you need, not want, when compared to HR Acuity. While they claim they can build HR Acuity’s processes, there is way too much custom development needed to get it to where it could work for us.”

The fact that ServiceNow couldn’t timestamp the audit trail combined with the lack of automatic case assignment left gaps in their process and left the ER team feeling bogged down with manual reporting. The result was wasted time, missing data, and unnecessary risk. Stephanie knew that in her next role she wanted to advocate for HR Acuity. The good news is that she didn’t have to.


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HR Acuity has everything we need to handle employee issues consistently, confidently and compliantly.

The Solution

When Stephanie was first introduced to HR Acuity, she was completely blown away by its capabilities. She realized right then that it was “head and shoulders above any other solution because it was supported by an organization that lives and breathes ER – it’s an ER solution that’s built by ER professionals for ER professionals, so it’s definitely best in show.”

When she joined Akamai in 2021, she admits she almost fell over with absolute joy when she learned that Akamai was already using HR Acuity. One of Stephanie’s favorite features is the resource library which provides information available at your fingertips about how to use the system, how to document an investigation, best practices, and more. She also finds a lot of value in the various customizable templates that her team now uses to provide consistent documentation across the organization as well as communicate with involved parties.

By using the reporting and analytics, the ER team is able to self-administer, right out of the box, with no need for IT help. Stephanie went on to say that “the reporting and analytics are very user-friendly. We can customize what we want, how often we need the information and to whom it should be sent. The analytics capabilities have given us helpful insights to see why people are leaving during the Great Resignation.” This helps the ER team stay proactive and ensures accountability among people leaders and their role in resignations.

In addition, since only 10% of Akamai’s employees are required to be in-office, the ER team is also navigating the complexities of a hybrid-remote work environment. They use HR Acuity to ensure the same management principles are applied to both in-person and remote workers, across all departments. According to Stephanie, the platform truly helps her team identify “hot spots” or specific areas that need to be addressed.

Stephanie has now become an integral part of the empowER community, and she even served on the advisory board for HR Acuity’s second Benchmarking study. From the moment she connected with Deb Muller, HR Acuity’s founder and CEO, and other ER professionals affiliated with HR Acuity, she knew that HR Acuity had something great to offer. “ER is hard work, so the ability to leverage the community that HR Acuity has built to network, share information and best practices, and commiserate is incredibly beneficial. The community helps me navigate the ins and outs of all parties involved in an employee investigation and outcomes with positive and negative impacts.”

The reporting and analytics are very user-friendly. We can customize what we want, how often we need the information and to whom it should be sent.

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