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TransUnion Saves Hours in Efficiencies and Standardizes Global Processes with HR Acuity

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From Hours to Minutes

Rather than spending hours searching for critical information in disparate locations, HR Acuity’s centralized platform and comprehensive search capabilities reduced time to locate important details in about 5 minutes or less.

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Increased Global Awareness

With business units located all over the world, the TransUnion team now has visibility into what’s going on domestically and globally, so the team is always aware of employee issues.

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Actionable Data and Insights

TransUnion leaders have insight into employee behavior by business unit, region and more, allowing them to make better, more informed decisions company-wide and at scale.

The Challenge

As a global organization spanning over 30 countries, TransUnion needed a way to view employee relations cases across all locations. Overall, their ER lacked optimization of case details and workplace issues due to manual storage solutions within email and Excel files. Critical elements of employee and workplace issues were sometimes difficult to find.

Business leaders and ER teams also did not have full visibility into employee behavior trends across locations. This made it difficult to address workplace concerns on a wide-scale.

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HR Acuity’s comprehensive analytics enable us to identify information such as disciplinary paths and reoccurring issues on a global level.

The Solution

Everything changed when the TransUnion team implemented HR Acuity to support and streamline its global case management and employee relations. In a short period of time, the ER and HR teams saw a significant improvement in the speed, accuracy and visibility of valuable information.

“We used to spend hours searching for information – now it takes us just minutes.” All employee relations and case management documentation are now accessible in one, easy-to-find location – while also being fully searchable and reportable.

With HR Acuity, TransUnion also has visibility into how issues are being dealt with, so they can pivot when needed. “If a case is more HR-led than ER-led, we can look at how the case is documented and course-correct. It allows us to make sure things are standardized if we notice anything that doesn’t follow our processes.” This ensures the team is proactively consistent, thorough and aware of any issues.

Additionally, business leaders are much more knowledgeable regarding employee behavior across locations. “HR Acuity has been great at helping us expand more globally by providing us with better insight into global cases.” The team uses HR Acuity to generate quarterly reports on employee behaviors and case details. They review issue trends, types of discipline and more by business unit and region. This helps the leadership team and ER professionals make valuable decisions regarding investments and required action.

In support of its growing workforce, TransUnion plans to continue global roll-out of HR Acuity to promote standardized processes, easily accessible documentation and useful analytics to inform business decisions.

We used to spend hours searching for information – now it takes us just minutes.

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