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Case Study

Vericast Uses HR Acuity to Centralize Employee Relations Case Management and Provide Secure, Permissions-Based Access to Case Information

Data and analytics that tell a story

Vericast can now see the key drivers of employee turnover and with the data they have access to.

Building trust & confidence in ER

With HR Acuity, Vericast employees see that their ER team is responding to issues within 24 hours with a plan of action and a defined process and set of steps.

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Leveraging community support

Vericast is utilizing the resources in the empowER community and technical support center for advice, support, training, and best practices.

The Challenge

As Executive Director of HR Compliance for Vericast, Christina Myers leads the internal investigation team and, from a systems perspective, has ownership of HR Acuity, tracking and monitoring all employee relations cases, exit interviews and investigations.

When Christina’s team began to look for a technology solution, they were trying to solve three key challenges. First, they needed a more secure centralized place to store all the data and all the documentation associated with each case. They also wanted a better way to place cases under attorney-client privilege. And lastly, the largest problem of the three, they were routing their case list by email on an Excel spreadsheet. When an HR business partner (HRBP) left or was promoted, no one knew where to find the case information. They needed to ensure they had access to all case information, and that it wouldn’t reside in some unknown place should they need to prepare a defensible response.

Their fraud and physical security group was already using i-Sight, but when they looked at HR Acuity, they quickly realized a purpose-built solution would suit them better.


San Antonio, Texas

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HR Acuity truly is the best ER case management and investigation software solution on the market.

The Solution

Once they implemented HR Acuity, their fraud and security group saw how user-friendly the software was and jumped into HR Acuity too! In her own words, Christina said, “We’re delighted that HR Acuity has addressed and remedied all of our initial challenges.”

Today, they have much more reliable data at their fingertips that tells the story of how they are doing from an employee relations perspective. This data allows them to be proactive and easily address organizational needs whether it’s more training, manager coaching or identifying a leader who has an increasing number of cases. They can now see what’s happening in different departments and locations, enabling them to address and mitigate issues quickly.

Being armed with exit interview data from a specific department enables them to interview employees in those departments to learn about their work environment and uncover what they found concerning. Along with better understanding the reasons for employee turnover, they are now able to make key improvements, from process improvements to career development plans and leadership training, they are reducing turnover in the affected departments.

With HR Acuity, employees see that the ER team is responding to issues within 24 hours and providing a clear plan of action and a set of next steps. This has helped to instill confidence in their employees who now trust the process and feel as if they are being treated fairly, despite whether the outcome is in their favor.

Christina feels that HR Acuity has transformed Vericast’s processes for the better. To elaborate on these changes, she said, “HR Acuity has provided a solution for managing our employee relations cases with a system that is purpose-built for ER professionals. We can secure our case data by role and specific permissions, which is critical for cases involving attorney-client privilege. We no longer need to use and track spreadsheets because we have a secure, centralized repository that stores all documentation associated with our cases. We also have a process that offers us guidance every step of the way. HR Acuity truly is the best ER case management and investigation software solution on the market.”

Vericast also finds value in the community support they have found in empowER and the technical support center. They are leveraging all the articles, templates and videos in the technical support center. When a new HRBP is hired, Christina can give them their login, share what videos they need to watch and what articles they need to read to help get them started. This saves both Christina and the new hire valuable time.

Christina also turns to the empowER community when she needs guidance from like-minded ER and HR professionals. She enjoys sharing best practices and learning from her peers on the platform.

HR Acuity has provided a solution for managing our employee relations cases with a system that is purpose-built for ER professionals.

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