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CEO Questions to build a better workplace

How confident are you that your employees are safe and being treated fairly? Here are questions to ask your leaders.

  • When an employee comes forward to let us know something is wrong, do we have a required, standard process for investigating the allegation? How do we know that our process is working?
  • How many bias, discrimination and/or harassment allegations do we have today? How does that compare to last year? To our peers? What can we learn from this—and more important, what are we doing about it?
  • We know we are going to have issues, but do we have a way to pinpoint where they are coming from and why? Is it a specific leader or region? Do they seem to be correlated to an event or a new practice? What predictive indicators are we tracking to stop an incident before it happens— and keep our employees safe?
  • Are there parts of the organization where there are no complaints being brought forward? (Hint: That’s usually not good…)
  • How do we measure and build employee trust—just like we do with our customers? How likely is an employee to recommend a colleague go to HR with an issue? Do we ask employees to rate how they were treated when something went wrong?
  • Do we drive transparency by sharing metrics with our employees on how we have handled aggregate issues across the company, such as number of harassment complaints and their substantiation rates?