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Expert Webinar: Leading with Cultural Competency


Katherin Nukk-Freeman

o-founder of SHIFT HR Compliance Training

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Cultural competency continues to be of vital importance in organizations as they strive to increase their levels of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) within their workplaces.

With increasingly diverse workplaces, it’s essential for organizations to create a work environment that prioritizes cultural competency. When organizations lack cultural competency, the ability to interact effectively with clients and coworkers of different backgrounds is limited, and can impact morale, retention, and profits. Without a sufficient degree of cultural competency, it is difficult for employees to be collaborative and effective members of cross-cultural teams.

Increasing cultural competency helps us to leave stereotypes and faulty assumptions about other cultures behind and helps us better understand the perspectives of those with whom we work.

Join Katherin Nukk-Freeman, co-founder of SHIFT HR Compliance Training,  for a discussion addressing how we all can more effectively “Lead With Cultural Competency”. She will discuss four critical components of Cultural Competency:

  1. Awareness of one’s own cultural worldview
  2. Attitude towards cultural differences
  3. Knowledge of different cultural practices and world views
  4. How to develop cross-cultural skills

Learn how to strengthen these essential skills and lead with cultural competency within your organization!

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