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Here Are 3 Ways HR Can Improve Its Credibility

Aug 12, 2019

HR leaders have a tough job: They have to make and enforce rules that protect the organization, while simultaneously supporting employees as people. These responsibilities can often be in conflict, creating discomfort for both HR and employees. Despite the commitment and care of most HR professionals, the business press is full of articles like “HR Is Not Your Friend. Here’s Why” and the EEOC estimates that “75 percent of all workplace harassment incidents go unreported altogether.”

To learn what HR leaders and departments can do to combat this negative reputation, I spoke with Deb Muller, founder and CEO of HR Acuity, a technology platform specifically built for employee relations management. Based on HR Acuity’s recent benchmark study on best practices and trends in employee relations, Muller described three strategies that can help HR leaders enhance their department’s credibility with employees and senior executives alike.