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Employee Relations is All That We Do

Employee Relations is a fast-changing function. You need a technology that is too.

Our HR software is used by top companies

The Workplace has Changed

The way in which employee issues are handled has as much to do with the resolution as the issue itself. Our work is about instilling accountability, training leaders, and effecting lasting change within your organization. Our solution was built by employee relations leaders with decades of experience, for employee relations leaders just like you.

The Value of Investing in Employee Relations Technology is Clear

Streamlining ER Management With the Only Solution That Was Built for the Job Drives Results

Forrester TEI study concludes that ER technology can reduce risk, improve turnover rates, and improve ER team efficacy, all of which translates into significant cost and resource savings.

Our solution was purpose-built to make a tough job easier for ER Leaders. With intuitive dashboards, documented processes, and a library of best practices, ER professionals can actually do the important parts of their job rather than spending all their time wrangling data and stressing about what play calls to make when an issue arises.

The study found that using our software resulted in an overall 20% increase in efficiency. And those are the kind of results that can be transformational for an entire organization.

We Integrate Across All Major Platforms

We Offer Tech, Experience, and So Many Resources

From the latest trends to decades of experience, we have everything you need to make sure all your employee relations processes are executed more consistently and efficiently.

Is HR Acuity Worth It?

HR Acuity can deliver a 520% ROI to your organization. See how it can help optimize your organization’s ER.

HR Acuity vs. Others

What’s the Difference?
logo ServiceNow HRIS
Built for ER Professionals by leaders in the ER industry check x x
Identify patterns using employee history and case insights check x x
Manage Investigations with workflows, templates, tools, and approval processes check x x
Launch written, signed communication in just a few clicks check x x
Push and pull data integrations with third-party tools streamline data flows check x x
Ensure confidentiality and data security with role-based permissions check x x
Access our catalog of reports, studies, and best practices check x x
Easily manage union, works council, Attorney-Client Privilege, and all employee issues, while ensuring GDPR compliance check x x
Proven New User Adoption Program and case health monitoring to ensure consistency and full adoption check x x
Alerts, Dashboard, and Analytics provide insights and identify high-risk issues check x x
Benchmark your organization vs. other organizations of similar size or industry check x x
Automated case reports provide court-ready documentation for all cases check x x