Third Annual Employee Relations Benchmark Study:  Performance Management Infographic

Posted by HR Acuity on Jul 30, 2019 2:43:18 PM

Looking for insight into performance related practices?

Gain insight from this infographic based on data from the Third Annual Employee Relations Benchmark Study, which includes input from more than 150 enterprise organizations, representing more than 4.4 millions global employees.

Learn how organizations handle:

  • Probationary periods for new hires

  • Underperforming employees

  • Termination practices

  • Exit interviews and how the information is used

Download the infographic now.

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Third Annual HR Acuity Employee Relations Benchmark Study

Posted by HR Acuity on Jun 26, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Get the Latest Data

Gain insight into employee relations management with the Third Annual Employee Relations Benchmark Study. With data gathered from more than 150 enterprise organizations, representing more than 4.4 million global employees, the Study identifies and defines best practices on organizational models, staffing ratios, case management, issue trends, metrics and more. 

A few of this year's key findings:

  • Currently, 30% of employee relations professionals juggle more than 26 employee issues at any given time; and for those who only conduct investigations, almost half report an average of 7 or more open investigations at a time.

  • Organizations receive approximately 10.87 allegations of harassment, discrimination or retaliation for every 1,000 employees – up 48% from last year.

  • The majority of organizations are using ER metrics to analyze employee behavior, engagement and performance and to influence policy changes

Read the report for an in-depth look at the data and trends in the evolving landscape of employee relations.

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Tech & Metrics in Employee Relations: Practices and Trends

Posted by Barbara E. Hoey on Feb 28, 2019 11:12:36 PM

Learn how organizations are using technology and metrics for employee relations.

This report explores compelling findings that suggest that the employee relations landscape is changing and the function is becoming strategic within organizations.

More than 150 enterprise organizations, representing over four million employees worldwide, have shared detailed information about their processes and practices to help HR and employee relations leaders.

Explore the findings and gain insights into:

  • How organizations gather and use employee relations data
  • Technology used for tracking and managing employee relations
  • Technology and how to use metrics to support ER
  • Best practices for metrics and analytics

and more!

Download Tech & Metrics in Employee Relations now!

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