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10 Reasons Why an HR Case Management System is a Win Win for ER and Compliance Teams

Feb 14, 2023
Rebecca Trotsky
win win

While an HR Case Management system seems like a no-brainer for ER teams, legal and compliance teams may not realize just how useful this tool can be for them too. Not only can an HR Case Management system make ER processes more efficient, consistent and fair, but it can protect the organization from all sorts of high risk exposure. From saving on fraudulent unemployment claims to avoiding headline grabbing reputation disasters, the humble Case Management system is the quiet hero your business partners in legal never knew they needed.

A centralized source of the truth is a boost of confidence for both teams.
An HR Case Management system helps the ER team manage and track behavioral incidents and issues by documenting employee complaints, investigations and training records when they happen. Keeping all of this documentation in one central location makes it easier for legal and compliance teams to search through data and feel confident that what they find is accurate.

Automating compliance requirements reduces financial liability.
Using an HR Case Management system allows organizations to automatically capture the data they need to comply with complicated regulations such as OSHA, EEOC, and other industry-specific legal requirements. Reducing human error reduces liability and potential financial penalties.

Streamlined incident reporting equals better time management for everyone.
An HR Case Management system streamlines the time consuming task of incident reporting. The standardized set of procedures ensures that ER doesn’t miss a thing and compliance teams who may need to review cases later don’t have to go on a fact finding expedition.

Improved communication makes everyone’s job easier.
An HR Case Management system makes it easier for teams to collaborate on specific cases and investigations via messages, notifications and alerts. Stakeholders can quickly access and share the appropriate levels of information between HR professionals, managers, legal teams and other relevant stakeholders.

Real-time analytics and reporting helps everyone stay proactive.
An HR Case Management system makes it easier to keep HR-related risks and trends at the forefront for everyone by capturing employee concerns, gathering real-time analytics and automating reports. When legal teams can see potential issues brewing before they blow up, they spend more time providing guidance and less time building a legal defense.

Case management keeps everyone on task.
An HR Case Management system acts like the cross-functional project manager for cases and investigations. System features can include case assignment, detailed task management, and progress tracking to help all teams involved remain accountable to deadlines and stay on track.

Evidence management keeps legal cases airtight.
An HR Case Management System provides for the secure and organized storage of important documents and investigative evidence. When it’s time to pull a legal defense together, compliance teams have easy access to exactly what they need.

Audit trails make it easy to track changes over time and turnover.
An HR Case Management system provides an accurate audit trail, making it easier for compliance teams to track changes and access up to date case information even when key stakeholders change roles or move on.

Automated notifications and alerts keep everyone on the same page at the same time.
An HR Case Management system can be configured to send automated notifications to ER and compliance teams when key events occur, including when cases are closed and new complaints are opened. Automated alerts can signal both teams when something is at risk or falls out of compliance, so that HR professionals can get ahead of an issue.

Consistent efficiency protects everyone from burnout.
Teams that embed an HR Case Management system into their processes stay consistently more efficient and effective leaving them with more energy to adapt to changing laws and new challenges. 

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Rebecca Trotsky
Rebecca is responsible for HR Acuity’s talent acquisition and retention strategy as well as driving employee relations capability and effectiveness across customers, prospective customers and employees with the goal of elevating the impact of employee relations.