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5 Workplace Investigation Guides to Level Up Your Process

Mar 1, 2023
HR Acuity

The best investigative outcomes come from foolproof, equitable processes and airtight documentation. Unfortunately, without the proper tools and guides, keeping track of detailed facts and executing the right next steps can feel overwhelming. If your investigation documentation still feels daunting, check out the list of guides and resources below. Whether you’re new to the world of employee relations (ER) or a seasoned professional looking to tighten up your processes, our guides can help you close cases with more confidence. Keep reading to explore the top 5 guides every ER professional needs to be using.

  1. ER Case Report Template

    Our intuitive layout, with step-by-step instructions right in the document, make our Case Report Template a staple for high performing ER teams. Designed to get you past ‘blank page’ syndrome, our template helps you hit the ground running with crystal clear recommendations around what to document, why it matters and how to sequence next steps.

  2.  Investigation Report Template

    When investigations intensify, staying on top of proper documentation can be the first thing to slip. As your team juggles interviews, multiple data inputs  and procedures, the sheer number of moving parts becomes distracting. Our Investigation Report Template takes the guesswork out of what and how you need to document. With clearly defined instructions, this guide seamlessly prompts you through appropriate next steps ensuring you maintain proper documentation at every turn. Our template even helps you strengthen how you document key findings and conclusions, so you can confidently close investigations and effectively mitigate risk for your organization. 

  3. Investigation Interview Guidelines

    If conducting interviews during an investigation still triggers feelings of uncertainty, be sure to take a look at our Investigation Interview Guidelines. This easy reference walks you through everything you need to know before conducting an interview so you’re prepared to ask the right questions and facilitate thorough and equitable fact finding. 

  4. Employee Relations Playbook – “Investigations: From Allegation to Aftercare”

    If you’re looking for a more comprehensive guide on how to conduct workplace investigations from start to finish, it’s time to download the Employee Relations Playbook: From Allegation to Aftercare. This guide explores how to take a proactive, holistic approach to investigations and ensure they are consistent, ethical and legally airtight. Whether you’re wrangling chaotic investigations, or you just want to fine tune your investigation strategy, this playbook has the curated expert guidance you’re looking for.

  5. Expert Webinar: New Trends & Changing Expectations in Investigations

    In one of our most downloaded webinars, keynote speaker, Kia Roberts, shares her advice on how we can stay up to speed on quickly changing ER trends. You’ll learn how to ensure your organization is both meeting protocol and following the updated policies. As the Founder and Principal of Triangle Investigations, Kia Roberts leads a group of lawyers and expert investigators who conduct misconduct investigations within workplaces, schools and other organizations. In fact, Kia was the NFL’s first-ever Director of Investigations and is a sought after speaker on diversity, inclusion and best practices in investigations. This webinar is one you’ll find yourself revisiting often.

Bonus Blog: Best Practices for Handling Employment-Related Internal Investigations 

Is your team taking advantage of every investigative best practice? Check out this bonus blog to audit your current practices and if needed, fine tune your internal investigation skills. Curated from experts, we share what practices to implement today, common mistakes to avoid, and how to leverage the right tools for your team.  

Stay on Top of Your ER Game with HR Acuity 

We come from the ER world too, so we know it’s a fast paced journey. At HR Acuity our goal is to provide you with value at every step of that journey. For us, that means offering you more than our industry-leading, purpose–built software for investigations, management and anonymous reporting. We want to help you stay ahead of the latest trends and take confidence in a proactive approach to your ER strategy. If you haven’t taken our employee relations maturity model quiz yet, we encourage you to take it now and find out where you stand. In addition to helping you understand how mature your ER organization is, it will provide customized, action oriented recommendations for how to grow and level up.  

Questions? Reach out or book a demo to see our solutions in action.   


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