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HR Acuity Employee Spotlight: Salman Munawar

May 27, 2021
HR Acuity

For our May Employee Spotlight, we would like to introduce you to one of our newer employees Salman Munawar. 

Salman joined HR Acuity about five months ago as a Senior Product Designer and is one of our many remote hires. In his role, Salman improves the user experience of the HR Acuity platform introduces design thinking into the technology and much more.  

In his time at HR Acuity, Salman’s career has grown differently than he expected – but in a good way! Salman interacts with our clients on a day-to-day basis, which in his past positions he didn’t do as frequently as at HR Acuity. Salman gathers their feedback on the platform so we can make improvements. “This isn’t a common thing to hear, but I like when we receive constructive feedback from our clients. The constructive feedback allows us to make changes to our product and overall improve our services.”  

What Salman enjoys most about HR Acuity is the teamwork. Salman has been immersed in multiple projects already and says that everyone on the team is very involved in the projects, not just him. He really enjoys working with the Product and Tech Teams to design new features.  

When Salman isn’t working, he enjoys watching Sci-fi movies. He is fascinated by stars, space and is inspired by ideas that are out of this world.  

Salman is a great addition to the HR Acuity team. He brings bright energy to our Monday morning meetings and is an #ALLIn team member.  

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