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Recorded Webinar

Investigations Series: Protecting Your Organization: A Deep Dive into Threat Assessment and Management


June 7, 2023


2 pm - 3:30 pm ET


Dr. James S. Cawood

President of Factor One

Threat assessment and management is a critical aspect of workplace safety, and it is crucial for organizations to understand the investigative and assessment framework required to determine the future risk of physical violence that an individual may pose, so they can meet their regulatory and legal obligations to provide a safe workplace.

Join Dr. James S. Cawood, President of Factor One, as he discusses the key components of effective threat assessment, including risk assessment and risk management strategies.

Learn how an appropriate threat assessment and management process can aid in:

  • Supporting the ability to triage concerning behaviors to determine if more assessment is warranted
  • The composition and duties of multi-disciplinary threat assessment teams that need to be created and maintained to gather and assess behavioral information to determine the level of risk for physical violence a person may pose moving forward, thereby meeting the ANSI standard for the assessment and management of workplace violence in organizational settings
  • How to use behavioral assessment information to develop management strategies to lower that risk to increase safety

Threats to workplace safety involving physical harm are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, and it’s more important than ever for HR and ER leaders to have a comprehensive threat management process and plan in place and build this critical and expected competency in their organizations.

Watch the recording.