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Recorded Webinar

Enhancing Transparency in Investigations: Use of Data Analytics and Reporting Back to Leadership


February 21, 2024


12 pm - 1 pm ET


Elizabeth W. Gramigna

Founder of Tribu Partners LLC

Using data analytics in investigations can help decipher hidden patterns and risks, and can critically optimize and guide smart decision-making. It’s crucial to share these insights effectively with leadership, connecting data to actionable insights. These insights are instrumental for leadership in managing compliance, risk and operational efficiencies.

Join us on February 21 at noon ET for a webinar led by employment law attorney and Founder of Tribu Partners LLC, Elizabeth W. Gramigna and Deb Muller, Founder and CEO of HR Acuity. Discover how data analytics is revolutionizing investigations and its impact on making informed decisions. This session will offer an in-depth exploration into:

  • The Imperative of Reporting to Leadership: Unveil the legal, compliance and cultural significance behind transparent reporting to leadership.
  • Essential Information Disclosure: Identify the crucial elements that should be shared in these reports. How to Report when the results are so nuanced?!
  • Communicating Results and Metrics: Address the challenges in conveying investigation outcomes and pinpoint the right metrics for effective communication.

Also, we will have a brief discussion regarding transparency in communications with parties during an investigation:

  • Delve into strategies to maintain transparency without compromising investigation confidentiality.
  • Setting clear employee expectations.

Watch on-demand.