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Recorded Webinar

Mastering the Workplace Investigation Interview: The Basics and Beyond


January 31, 2024


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm ET


Kathryn Hartrick

Founder & Principal, Hartrick Employment Law & Investigations

Conducting an effective workplace investigation is crucial for maintaining healthy employee relations and ensuring compliance with legal standards. However, even experienced professionals can make common mistakes that affect outcomes and prolong the investigation.

Join us on January 31 for a webinar with Kathryn Hartrick, Founder & Principal at Hartrick Employment Law & Investigations. In this session, we’ll explore what every investigation interview should address, common mistakes that are often overlooked, as well as how to address credibility issues, difficult witnesses and requests for third parties to attend investigation interviews. All of these issues can have significant implications on the outcome of an investigation. Kathryn will focus on:

  • The basics – what every investigation interview should address.
  • Challenging issues that arise over witness credibility.
  • Issues associated with difficult witnesses and how to respond.
  • Requests for a third party to attend a witness interview.
  • Essential elements to include in your interview process.

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