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Recorded Webinar

Managing Mental Health under ADA Accommodations


April 11, 2024


2 pm - 3 pm ET


Hannah Rose Olson

Co-Founder & CEO of Disclo

Keith Sonderling

U.S. EEOC Commissioner

Amid a surge in employee mental health issues, organizations are urgently addressing their impact. HR Acuity’s Seventh Annual ER Benchmark Study highlights mental health challenges as the primary driver of employee issues in 2022, with 79% of organizations noting increased case volumes, whether due to return-to-office transitions, layoffs or broader economic uncertainties.

Join us for a webinar on April 11th at 2:00 pm ET, led by Disclo CEO, Hannah Olson and U.S. EEOC Commissioner, Keith Sonderling, as we delve into one of the most urgent and complex challenges facing today’s workforce: addressing mental health within the framework of ADA accommodations. As we transition into post-pandemic working norms, the surge in mental health-related ADA charges calls for a new kind of vigilance and understanding from employers. Hannah will guide you through the evolving legal landscape, social imperatives and technological innovations impacting mental health accommodations in the workplace.

Watch on-demand.

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