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NEW DATA: Eighth Annual ER Benchmark Study Just Launched
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Live Webinar

Unveiling Key Findings from the Seventh Annual Benchmark Study: Early Insights for Participants


May 17, 2023


2 pm - 3 pm ET

Join us on May 17 for an exclusive pre-release webinar and be the first to access the Seventh Annual Employee Relations Benchmark Study findings. This study gathered data from 200 organizations representing 6.3 million employees globally, offering a comprehensive overview of the latest emerging trends, as well as established norms for employee relations. 

During this session, we will delve into three major insights that emerged from the study, as well as five key norms that have been identified, including: 

  • Policy violations, behavioral issues, discrimination, and harassment have reached their highest levels since 2019. 
  • 67% of organizations reported an increase in mental health-related case volume, making it the most significant driver in employee-related case volume. 
  • Seven core employee relations case types are now considered standard. 

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to get ahead of the curve and gain early access to the Seventh Annual Benchmark Study findings. Register today to secure your spot!