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#CoolTools Episode: How Technology Can Help You Manage Employee Relations Issues

Jan 8, 2019

How Technology Can Help You Manage Employee Relations Issues

Join us for this week’s #CoolTools episode of DriveThruHR as Mike and Robin talk to Deb Muller, CEO of HR Acuity. More than just a case management solution and better than spreadsheets, HR Acuity provides everything you need to track, investigate, and analyze in a single technology solution.  This is the realization that led Deb Muller, an experienced HR professional, to launch HR Acuity — the employee relations case management solution. By partnering with HR Acuity, companies are able to mitigate potentially severe risks to their bottom lines due to lawsuits, damage awards, legal fees, and loss of employee morale and productivity.

Deb is driven by an obsession to do things the right way, particularly in employee relations, where she has spent her career championing excellence and effectively managing workplace investigations. After serving in executive HR roles at numerous Fortune 500 companies like Honeywell, Citibank, and Marsh & McLennan, Deb launched HR Acuity to create technology with built-in expertise and equip organizations to manage employee relations more strategically.