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HR Acuity Employee Spotlight: Lynda Przedpelski

Oct 29, 2020
HR Acuity

The Employee Relations Roundtable is quickly approaching! On November 12 and 13 employee relations leaders from around the globe will join us virtually to discuss the latest challenges and best practices they are seeing within their organizations. (And: There are still a few days left to register — learn more now!)

The key leader behind this year’s virtual event — and the Employee Relations community overall — is Lynda Przedpelski, Marketing and Community Leader at HR Acuity. A valued member of the marketing team, she leads the thought leadership function for the company, driving the Roundtable Community and the HR Acuity Annual Benchmark Studies.

Since HR Acuity is known not just for our employee relations technology but also the industry knowledge that fuels it, Lynda’s is an important role – and she truly loves it.

“The Roundtable is unlike any event I’ve ever been part of or planned before,” she says. “It’s so highly interactive and rich. People are so open with their sharing. It’s not surprising given that they’re in a people business and they are passionate about what they do, but it really comes across. I truly enjoy getting to know these leaders and helping them connect with a body of like-minded peers. But for me, the best part is how much I learn every time I interact with these dynamic leaders.”

Lynda joined HR Acuity three years ago, handling a wide variety of responsibilities. The company was much smaller then, and she ran the office as well as events, content marketing and the web site. It was a large load to juggle – but Lynda is used to a challenge!

Before joining HR Acuity, Lynda was a freelancer in marketing communications, and ran multiple events as well as her own business, a startup dedicated to helping children learn about artists throughout time and around the world.

One event in particular led her to HR Acuity. When the PGA Championship was held in NJ, Lynda spearheaded an effort to encourage the 5,000+ visitors/day passing through town to stop, shop and eat in town while attending the tournament. She did such a great job that the mayor and a local business owner recommended her to HR Acuity CEO, Deb Muller – and the rest is Roundtable history.

HR Acuity Roundtable 2019 EastAs the company’s marketing team has grown, Lynda has become focused on thought leadership and the Roundtable Community. Today, she runs the annual Roundtable events and quarterly calls, publishes annual market research studies and periodic topical studies and is building out an online community exclusively for employee relations professionals – all of which help elevate HR Acuity as a thought leader in employee relations. The entire community depends on her – as do her teammates.

“I love the culture (at HR Acuity). ” Lynda says. “It’s supportive and encouraging. We move fast, and everyone works hard, but we also have fun. It’s been energizing to watch the company grow.”

She also notes that the team is united around a positive mission – to build better, safer workplaces  – which aligns with her personally. “I was not necessarily looking to go back to a corporate environment,” she says. “I was interested in finding an altruistic opportunity – something that would help make people’s lives better. HR Acuity’s mission spoke to me – it’s bigger than our company, and it’s magnified through the community. It’s a challenging and fun opportunity.”

Outside of work, Lynda also likes a challenge. She is an avid swimmer who also likes to travel, cook and spend time with her family, including her husband and four sons. A swimmer’s mindset sets her up well for work. She says: “Swimmers are a different breed. They’re measured by a clock, always striving to improve – to continually deliver their personal  best. Growing a thriving ER community is sort of the same – and I’m up for the challenge.

Most of all, Lynda enjoys the camaraderie and the chance to continue learning. “I’m proud to be part of HR Acuity,” she says. “Always new ideas, new opportunities. Work is somewhere I want to go.”

To learn more about the Employee Relations Roundtable, visit the Roundtable page. Thank you, Lynda, for all you do!

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