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Speakfully Joins HR Acuity – Creating an End-to-End Employee Relations and Investigation Solution

Nov 14, 2022
Deb Muller

I am thrilled to welcome Speakfully to HR Acuity! Speakfully is an anonymous workplace reporting platform and was designed to offer real-time data and analytics to HR teams. Empowering companies with issue data as it happens is a key puzzle piece in the greater employee relations picture because organizations simply can’t address issues that they don’t know about. Companies need to leverage their employees’ valuable insights if they truly want to take proactive steps toward creating better, more inclusive workplaces. 

This is a powerful next step in HR Acuity’s growth strategy and category leadership as this acquisition elevates our offering by enabling organizations with an end-to-end employee relations and investigation solution that encompasses allegation to aftercare. We are focused on providing organizations with a well-rounded approach to employee relations because having healthy ER involves every level of your organization, not just people leaders. Creating a transparent and trusted relationship between employees and their employer has never been more critical. Speakfully bridges that gap between employee and employer and is the best solution I have seen when it comes to ensuring an employee’s voice is heard.

Just like your organization, HR Acuity is always looking to grow, improve, and provide you with the best tools and resources possible. Now that Speakfully is powered by HR Acuity, together we will be able to offer you a more powerful platform that will not only guide you through investigations and give you valuable data, but you will also be able to tune into your employee’s candid thoughts and insight on their real-life experiences. This all results in a clearer picture of your organization so you can take a proactive approach to create change and protect your brand reputation. Allow your employees to speak fully so you can stay ahead of employee concerns and see clearly. 

Do you currently utilize an anonymous workplace reporting platform? Do you feel that employees have a voice within your organization? I would love it if you would share your experience and join the conversation over on empowER. Or if you want to learn more about Speakfully, be sure to read our press release. I am excited to hear what you think of this addition to the HR Acuity offering! Get in touch and let us know your thoughts. 

Deb Muller
Deb Muller is the CEO of HR Acuity, employee relations case management and investigations software that combines documentation, process, and human expertise so organizations can meet the challenge of managing employee relations in the modern world.