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We Hit the Refresh Button and We’ve Never Felt Better.

Sep 26, 2022
Deb Muller
HRA Website Launch

When I first launched HR Acuity in 2007, we built the brand around the definition of acuity: a keenness of perception; the ability to see, hear, or understand something easily. Honestly, at the time it felt perfect. It captured our vision for helping ER professionals gain visibility into the murky, messy world of employee relations.

Today, HR Acuity is so much more than that, and our brand needed to reflect that. We’re the fastest growing community of ER professionals on a mission to raise the bar for ER. So now is the perfect time to elevate our look to match your role in your organization.

We’re loving our new look. We’re keeping the + symbol in our logo because we believe in what it represents. For us, the + symbol reminds us that we’re in this together – it’s you + us all the way. The “plus” symbol also reflects our vision to create a more positive work experience that is more equitable and safe for everyone. Finally, it challenges us to give that extra “plus” as we deliver on our brand promise to you.

HR Acuity started with a simple vision and I’m happy to say we’ve accomplished it – but we’re nowhere near finished. Today we aspire to make workplace culture everywhere inclusive for everyone. Our new brand celebrates how far we’ve come on this journey with you and motivates us to continue building this amazing community.

Deb Muller
Deb Muller is the CEO of HR Acuity, employee relations case management and investigations software that combines documentation, process, and human expertise so organizations can meet the challenge of managing employee relations in the modern world.