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Live Webinar

Election Impact: Navigating Politics in the Workplace


July 10, 2024


12 pm - 1 pm ET

The Election Year is upon us, and with it, a surge in employee relations challenges navigating the delicate balance between free speech and misconduct in the workplace.

Join us for a panel webinar moderated by HR Acuity CEO, Deb Muller, where we’ll discuss real-world scenarios from water cooler debates to Slack channels, to clothing and signage displays, and explore the fine line between fostering open dialogue and maintaining a respectful, inclusive environment.

We will be joined by panelists from Workday, Salesforce and Google as they share how they’re preparing to address these challenges head-on. Attendees will:

  • Hear from leading organizations on how they are preparing their departments to better monitor and address employee relations issues.
  • Learn about new policies being adopted to monitor Slack channels and other internal communication tools to ensure respectful discourse.
  • Explore how organizations are leveraging technology to track and manage complaints, ensuring transparency and accountability in the investigation process.

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