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Recorded Webinar

Transparency in Workplace Investigations: Overcoming Objections and Best Practices


May 8, 2024


3 pm - 4 pm ET


Chiedza Nziramasanga

Owner & Chief Consultant

Transparency in investigations has become a crucial aspect in fostering trust, ensuring fairness, and maintaining a positive organizational culture.

Join us on May 8 for a webinar led by Chiedza Nziramasanga, Owner & Chief Consultant at Transformative Workplace Investigations, where you’ll gain insights and practical strategies for enhancing transparency throughout the investigative process.

During this session, attendees will:

  • Gain an understanding of typical objections to workplace investigations and learn effective techniques for addressing them, ensuring cooperation, and maintaining trust from all parties involved.
  • Explore a comprehensive framework for maintaining open communication, procedural fairness, ethical standards, and confidentiality in investigations.
  • Discover effective strategies for engaging stakeholders in communicating investigation findings, managing expectations, safeguarding privacy, and fostering accountability and respect within your organization.

Watch on-demand.