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Fireside Chat: Deep Dive into the EEOC’s New Harassment Guidance


June 27, 2024


1 pm - 2 pm


Carol Miaskoff

Legal Counsel, EEOC

Deb Muller

CEO, HR Acuity

In a long-awaited update, the EEOC released its first revision to workplace harassment guidance in over 25 years. This is critical for employee relations professionals, as it clarifies expectations for preventing and responding to harassment in today’s workplaces, including virtual environments and for a wider range of protected characteristics.

Join us on June 27 for a fireside chat with Carol Miaskoff, Legal Counsel at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as we delve into the intricacies of the newly released harassment guidance and actions employers must take.

During this session, we will unpack:

  • The highlights of the new guidance, focusing on what has changed and why these changes are essential in today’s evolving work environment.
  • The critical elements of unlawful workplace harassment.
  • Proactive strategies and tips for staying compliant with the new guidance.

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