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Recorded Webinar

How to Shape Safe Workplaces: Key Findings from the 2023 Harassment and Misconduct Insights


August 23, 2023


2 pm - 3 pm ET


Deb Muller

CEO, HR Acuity

Rebecca Trotsky

Chief People Officer

How common are harassment and misconduct in the workplace? How does it really impact your organization? And what can you do to prevent such harmful behavior?  

Join HR Acuity CEO, Deb Muller, and Chief People Officer, Rebecca Trotsky, on August 23 for a webinar as they delve into the top three crucial insights from the 2023 Workplace Harassment & Misconduct Insights. During this session, they will: 

  • Share insights on how to build trust with employees through improved investigation processes and transparent communication, as 46% of survey respondents fear retaliation for reporting workplace concerns. 
  • Discuss how leadership’s commitment can set the tone and help minimize the impact on retention, prevent brand damage and minimize legal risk. Data revealed that mishandling bad behavior extends beyond attrition, as unaddressed or unresolved issues create a toxic culture, prompting employee departures and endangering the brand
  • Explore the pivotal role of anonymous reporting tools, as 72% of survey respondents would report concerns if they could do so anonymously.

Watch the recording.