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Recorded Webinar

Addressing Workplace Misconduct: Best Practices for Preventing Harassment and Discrimination


September 19, 2023


2 pm - 3 pm ET


Shea Holman

Counsel & Chief Operating Officer

Workplace misconduct in 2023 is a pressing reality, with over 50% of surveyed employees having witnessed or experienced inappropriate, unethical or illegal workplace behaviors, as revealed by HR Acuity’s 2023 Workplace Harassment and Misconduct Insights.

These findings are alarming. How can organizations effectively address and prevent workplace misconduct to create safe and inclusive environments?

Join us for a webinar on September 19, led by Shea Holman, Counsel & Chief Operating Officer at the Purple Method, to explore preventative measures when it comes to addressing workplace harassment. During this session, Shea will share insights on:

  • Understanding the impact of workplace harassment and its implications on trust, satisfaction and referrals.
  • Framework for creating safe and inclusive workplaces, to prevent and address harassment and fostering a healthier environment.
  • Discussion of best practices for proactively addressing workplace sexual harassment based on research.

Register for the webinar now and take the first step towards fostering a workplace culture that promotes safety, inclusivity and productivity.