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10 Steps for Consistent Documentation

1. Act on the issue in a timely manner … don’t put it off.

2. Check to see if the employee has had similar issues in the past. Understand how similar issues have been handled with other employees.

3. Discuss the issue with the employee in a private setting.

4. Explain how the behavior or poor performance impacts the employee’s job.

5. Review relevant company policies. Provide copies to the employee.

6. Explain the consequences—both current and potential for future violations.

7. Ask if the employee has any questions or if there is anything else of which you need to be aware.

8. Following the conversation, document the issue, your conversation and the resolution. Include: • Your name • Employee’s full name • Names of any other persons involved (or present during conversation) • Date of conversation and date of the incident • Summary of issue and resolution/remediation • List any documentation provided to the employee.

9. In some situations, you may want to provide a copy to the employee.

10. Follow-up to make sure the issue has been resolved.