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AI in Employee Relations

Dec 21, 2023
Deb Muller
OlivER announcement

By now, you’ve heard our exciting announcement about the newest addition to the HR Acuity family – your employee relations companion, olivER 🐾. He’s not just cute and cuddly; he’s also incredibly smart. olivER is going to deliver insights and be your best friend in no time. 
olivER marks our first external announcement on how we’re tapping into the power of AI within the HR Acuity employee relations and investigations platform. We are busy at work and buzzing with enthusiasm about how this disruptive technology can be responsibly leveraged to elevate our platform, empowering employee relations, compliance, and HR professionals like never before. 
Stay tuned for exciting updates we’ll be unveiling throughout the new year. 
Now, let’s chat a bit about AI and employee relations. We’ve been surveying the ER community for years through our annual Benchmark Study, asking about their use of AI. While interest has always been high, actual activity has been on the low side. Not surprising, given that HR often takes a back seat in an organization’s tech priorities. 
But now here we areWith remarkable speed, AI has become accessible to everyoneA day doesn’t go by that another announcement about an AI tool for HR has been released. For both technology companies and the organizations that we support, there can be a temptation – and perhaps even a rush – to integrate it into everything we do as quickly as possible. For HR Acuity, that’s a yes and a no. 
Make no mistake, AI is one of our top priorities. We’re delving into it, talking to our customers, engaging our community, leaning on experts, and moving swiftly. However, we’re doing it responsibly. 
Our introduction of olivER is a prime example of why this responsibility matters. Sure, he’s cute, but choosing a dog as the face of our AI was intentional. Who do you trust more than your faithful canine companion? Trust is the cornerstone of employee relations – good ER, effective ER, trusted ER. How we develop and maintain that trust with our employees and stakeholders is critical. 
While AI is the next big thing and everyone is talking about it, we’re committed to leveraging it ethically and responsibly. Rushing to integrate it into our employee relations processes without careful consideration could negatively impact employment decisions, introduce unintended bias, or worse, erode the trust you’ve built with your employees. We’re not willing to take that risk in exchange for a quick release or exciting headline. 
We are proud of the trust we have established with the ER community. One of the ways we have done that is by demonstrating that the technology HR Acuity brings is infused with best practices on which you can rely. Our approach to AI is no differentAs we introduce new processes and features that leverage AI, you can be assured that we have given thoughtful consideration to how they will enhance what you do, not compromise the trust you’ve worked so hard to earn with your team members. 
We’re excited about the fantastic new capabilities we’re bringing your way in 2024. Stay tuned and remember that olivER is more than just a cute face – he’s an extension of the trust you have with the HR Acuity family. 
From all of us, we wish you a happy holiday and a joyful New Year! Here’s to our growing community of employee relations and investigations leaders are raising the bar and shaping the conversation around what’s possible in employee relations. Spend quality time with your family, friends, and, of course, your furry companions if they’re by your side. 
Cheers to a wonderful year ahead

Read our AI Governance Policy here.

Deb Muller
Deb Muller is the CEO of HR Acuity, employee relations case management and investigations software that combines documentation, process, and human expertise so organizations can meet the challenge of managing employee relations in the modern world.