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Recorded Webinar

ER’s Role in Navigating the Return to Office


November 16, 2023


12 pm - 1 pm ET

In today’s ever-evolving workplace, the return to the office and the rise of hybrid work models presents both unique challenges and opportunities for Employee Relations leaders. The global pandemic has reshaped employees’ expectations and preferences, with many now favoring the flexibility of remote or hybrid arrangements. This shift has created a delicate balancing act for organizations, as they strive to align employee desires with business success.

Join us for a panel discussion on returning to the office, on November 16 featuring panelists from leading organizations, including DocuSign, Fidelity Investments, Lam Research and Athlone Consulting.

In this insightful conversation, our panelists will share their experiences, insights and strategies for successfully navigating the return to office and hybrid work arrangements including:

  1. Adapting to evolving employee preferences for returning to the office.
  2. Achieving the delicate equilibrium between flexibility and productivity.
  3. Addressing concerns related to badge history and employee privacy.
  4. Navigating the complex dynamics among senior leadership.

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