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Recorded Webinar

Fireside Chat: Insights Into CMS Energy’s Unique Perspective on Employee Relations


November 1, 2023


2 pm - 3 pm ET


Deb Muller

Chief Executive Officer

Christina DuVall

Executive Director of Ethics, Compliance and Information Governance

Join HR Acuity, CEO, Deb Muller for a fireside chat with Christina DuVall, Executive Director of Ethics, Compliance and Information Governance at CMS Energy, where we’ll delve into their approach to employee relations.

In this conversation, we’ll explore CMS’s perspective on workplace investigations, putting employee well-being at the forefront, their innovative strategies to address retaliation and more. Discover CMS Energy’s:

  • Approach to investigations, emphasizing empathy and innovative problem-solving.
  • Comprehensive Retaliation Monitoring Program, including expanded coverage and proactive support for all participants.
  • Commitment to corrective and preventative actions, measuring their effectiveness and enhancing the workplace based on employee feedback.
  • Practical insights for establishing retaliation monitoring programs, including starting with a small scope and tracking “radio silence” with key metrics.

Get ready for an enriching discussion filled with valuable insights and practical advice for your employee relations approach.

Watch the recording.