2020 Employee Relations Goals Checklist

HR Acuity wants to help you elevate employee relations in 2020!

New Year, new opportunity to elevate employee relations in your organization! We want to make it simple for you to achieve your goals, so we have created this worksheet to help you define the right actions to address the changing landscape of employee relations in your organization.

Do you have an action plan to address Employee Relations trends like these? 

  • Building Transparency and Trust
  • Driving Accountability to Managers
  • Elevating Employee Relations as a Strategic Partner

After you craft your 2020 goals, break them down:

What will you work on each quarter? Each month? Each week? What daily habits will you adopt? What daily habits will you drop? Who will hold you accountable? Can we help coach & inspire you?

We would love to help you crush your goals! Share one or all of them on Linkedin from January–March with @HRAcuity and #AllIn or send them to us at HRAMarketing@hracuity.com for a chance to win some fun prizes!

If we can be a strategic partner for you to help think through your goals let us know!  We’re all in on employee relations, and we’re here to help you along the way.

Download the Employee Relations Goals Checklist today!